How does your team like to be recognized and rewarded?

Employee engagement and actionable insights, in real-time.

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Easy engagement delivers hard data.

It takes just seconds for managers to create visual polls and quizzes that engage their employees, bring teams together and gather instant insights on just about anything.

Multiple Choice Polls

Users pick from two or more choices presented with a large image. Upon voting, the results are revealed.

Quick Picks

Users choose from a panel of images or videos. Upon voting, the top 10 results are revealed.

'This or That' Polls

Users pick between two visual choices. Upon voting, the results are revealed.


Users answer a visual question. Upon selection, the quiz flips to reveal the correct answer.

Gather authentic feedback. From any device.

Our interactive, mobile-optimized tools can be easily embedded into any website, landing page or intranet, and are shareable across marketing channels including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and email.

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Your employees are your most valuable asset.

Are you leveraging their insights?