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Real-time insights. Feedback at your fingertips.

Employees are looking for more than just a good paycheck. They want to know that their contributions are recognized and their opinions matter. They want to have authentic connections with their colleagues. FaveRave’s mobile-optimized platform enables businesses to empower and engage employees for improved retention, increased productivity and an overall awesome employee experience.

Highly engaged employees are less likely to leave their companies by87%

Create a dynamic and engaging company culture

Today’s employees live in a world of transparency – tweeting and texting one another in a non-stop exchange of information and opinions. FaveRave makes it easy for businesses to create visual polls and quizzes that appeal to today’s always-on and ever-growing millennial workforce.

Companies with engaged employees outperform other companies by202%

Uncover insights that drive better performance

Your employees want to feel like they are contributing and that their ideas are valued. FaveRave helps instill a sense of community within your company while capturing authentic insights that help inform decisions about everything from talent management to product and creative planning.

Improve your business from the inside out

FaveRave is a simple yet powerful way to increase employee engagement enabling fast, frequent and focused dialogue while creating a culture that fosters innovation. Getting started is easy. It takes just seconds to create and share a visual poll or interactive quiz with your employees. You can choose from our robust library or use our drag and drop templates to create your own.

Foster a sense of community & camaraderie

Transform the daily grind into an engaging experience. Use quick, mobile-friendly polls and quizzes to build community spirit, help your employees get to know each other, and foster a sense of company culture. View demo!

Get to know your employees beyond their resumes

Is the majority of your workforce introverted or extroverted? Are they foodies or sports fans? When you know who your employees are, it’s easier to deliver a workplace experience they’ll rave about. View demo!

Gather feedback on product & creative direction

Your employees live and breathe your products and marketplace every day. Now it’s easier than ever to test new product ideas, ask for creative input, and enjoy instant feedback. View demo!

Tap into employee wisdom to solve problems

Many of your employees are on the frontlines. They talk to customers and have friends who work for competitors. Don’t miss out on your greatest resource for reputation management and customer support. View demo!

Keep a pulse on what your employees care about

Do you know what your employees think about your latest news release or what they want to discuss at the next town hall meeting? Connect with employees with high-touch interactions that are quick, fun and informative. View demo!

Involve people in decisions both big & small

Millennials are now the largest portion of the workforce and they are transforming the way we do business. They are driven by open communication and want to know their opinion matters. View demo!

Leverage your company’s most valuable asset

Do you know what your employees are passionate about outside of work? Do you know which company perks they value most? Your company is a living, breathing entity. And your people are the connective tissue that keeps your organization healthy, growing and thriving. Keep employees fueled with daily high-touch interactions that are quick, fun, and informative. Ask them questions that help them feel valued while cluing you in on essential workforce insights.

Engage your employees. Energize your business.

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