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Engage your customers & monetize your fans. Wherever they are.

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Social Polls: Engagement starts here.

Grab the attention of today's savvy consumers and drive huge engagement with our embeddable Social Polls. You can also layer on functionality to spotlight a special offer, promote a contest, or generate newsletter signups and social media follows. Best of all, Social Polls are free!

Favorites Campaigns: UGC made easy.

It takes just minutes to create beautiful, interactive campaigns that are highly engaging and mobile optimized. What's more, they can be easily embedded into any website, landing page or blog, and shared across all your channels including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and email.

Get your brand into the conversation.

Our interactive, mobile-optimized campaigns make it fun and rewarded for people to share what they love about your products or services.

Grow your ROI with evergreen content.

The FaveRave platform goes beyond running limited time hashtag contests or simple sweepstakes forms. When individuals engage with your FaveRave campaign, they publish and share branded content with friends; content that is authentic, actionable, and evergreen.

Bottom line: Drive measurable results.

FaveRave delivers unmatched engagement and conversion rates. Across all campaigns, brands have enjoyed a 54% social sharing rate and a 46% conversion rate.

Get your brand into the